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"My bad tummy has continued. It’s literally flushing out of me every hour or so. I never suffer with my tummy. There is not much pain with it at all, but the little occasional discomfort I have is high up around my solar plexus as if it’s flushing from there. I’ve been reading about it and it seems that this might be the release of a toxin build up. I honestly think it is! Especially as it’s so unusual for me to suffer with my tummy. Although quite horrible, I’m enjoying it because it genuinely feels linked to the work that we did and as if the poison is literally leaving my body... Definitely a great reaction. It’s constant and my tummy sounds like a drain! I’m excited to be honest as it feels like poison loosening and leaving. I don’t feel ill, as I would with a poorly tum, but by contrast I actually feel well within, which is nothing other than “unusual”. I thought you might be interested." 😫 "Big crash. Feel terrible. Can’t get out of bed. Upset tummy has stopped but I have pain in my solar plexus, huge heartbreak, an awful headache and tears tears tears and more tears. I hope this feeling ends soon." 😖 "I’m suffering today very very badly with my tummy again. All day today. It’s like a tight fist which contracts in my solar plexus and then the inevitable follows. I have never experienced anything like this. I keep hoping it’s a blockage unleashing its thing." 😄 "Breakthrough!!!! I think I’m out the other side! I’ve woken feeling like a new woman! Like I’ve just hatched from an egg! I feel incredible and centred in myself and well and strong and educated and whole.....😁😁😁 I haven’t felt this way for interested to see where it takes me 🙏"

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