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A PERFECT EXAMPLE of how looking in the wrong places, asking the wrong questions, can elude us from finding the right answers. Turns out that the client’s dizziness did not originate from a physical issue like an ear infection, but from Energies related to a parent. .

We all exude an invisible ‘Energetic signature.’ This signature contains Information about the entirety of our thoughts, beliefs and experiences, both past and present.


As we intermingle, we are all affected by each other’s Energetic signature, for good or for bad. For example, you can tell the moment you enter a room how a person makes you feel. This visceral reaction is how we unconsciously read Energetic signatures.


Our parents’ Energies can affect us unconsciously. Perhaps, for example, your mother was beaten as a child by her father, and even today she carries around the Energetic signature of this unresolved Story which she exuded throughout your upbringing. A certain trigger in the environment, eg. the sight of a stranger being beaten (mirroring your mother’s trauma) could produce a sudden physical reaction in you - eg. dizziness. This is your subconscious communicating that this Energetic entanglement with your mother is up for healing.


No medical instrument, no amount of medical interventions will ever make this Energetic connection for you. We need a completely different language to incorporate the widest possible vocabulary for truly understanding human wellbeing. Heal your Story. Heal your Life.

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