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Change Reality; Change Your Mind

A CLIENT IS FILLED with anxieties about stepping outside of the house. She goes everywhere by taxi. Agoraphobia has prevented her from living a full life. During our session I take her on a virtual walkabout of her local area. At the start, the very thought unnerves her. We Delete the Energy of the thought. She sets out. Each time she is triggered by something (known or unknown) we Delete the Energy of that. By the end, she’s walking around her neighbourhood, no nerves, no anxiety, no panic. I give her homework. Tomorrow see how you feel about going on that walkabout for real. She’s surprised by how calm she feels at the prospect. At the end of the next day, she texts me. She did it! No anxiety! She describes the experience as ‘a breath of fresh air.’ Imagination is Real! Reality is the Mind.

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