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Someone ran into her car. Unexpectedly. Out of the blue. Accidents happen. Sudden events like this jolt our complacency. Shock follows. Your safe, predictable world becomes less predictable. It could happen again. You could have died. What we’d previously taken for granted - driving - becomes fraught with all kinds of possibilities barely considered before. We start to reassess our ability; question our very mortality; ask ourselves if we are truly safe in the world.


Our Mind now tells us that danger is around every corner, even in the daily approach to our own vehicle. We act according to our Mind’s every alert - thumping heart, sweaty palms, a continuous state of high stress.


To reset this new Mind programme, first we have to find out exactly what it is the person now ‘has in Mind.’ Then we run the Story, Deleting the parts that stand out - the hurtling car; the distracted driver; bracing for impact; glass shattering; the written-off vehicle.


After Deletion we give the Mind different instructions: it is now safe to be in this World; safe to exhale; safe to detach from whatever ancestral or past life events that mirrored this accident. The Mind does exactly what we tell it to. End of Story.

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