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MY SON’S FRIEND had a persistent hacking cough. Hearing those explosions literally every 5-minutes was driving me insane, not to mention the irritation it must have been causing Harry - he’d been coughing non-stop for nearly 2 weeks, since Boxing Day.


I was about to leave the house but I had 10 minutes spare. I asked Harry if he’d like me to clear the coughing. Being a sceptical 6’2” Northerner he gave me a sceptical look.

‘What? Healing?’

‘Yes, Healing.’


I located the Energy distortion between his throat and upper chest - like a heavy, dense, prickly cloud - and used the chakra in the palm of my right hand to break up and disperse the blockage, bringing the Energy back into Flow. I felt Harry’s body visibly relax. He said he felt calm the moment I put my hand in position. The ‘session’ took all of 5 minutes.


For the remainder of the evening I didn’t hear Harry cough again. He texted my son:


“I think iv coughed once and that was cos i was singing on the way home”


“Its gone, 1st day without illness since boxing day. Mental.”


I love challenging young folk’s perception of reality.


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