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In 2012 I had a sudden, severe and excruciating back condition that landed me in A&E. The worst thing a Harley Street chiropractor did was to show me an X-ray of my degenerated spinal disc that instantly conjured up a bleak future of pain, helplessness and disability ahead of me. The first thing I did was to Delete that stark image of my physical ‘reality.’


That also meant dumping the medical label ‘Spondylitis’ and instead embracing the Knowing that once this part of my body was Energetically unblocked and open to receiving life-force Energy, my natural healing processes would automatically kick in.


Where the hospital, my GP and chiropractor could offer no hope or solution beyond ice-packs, horse tablets and possible surgery, my replacement picture of a healthy, pain-free spine was enough to release all the endorphins, hormones and natural Intelligence necessary to restore my body to full health. Though this was not the single factor, it was the catalysing factor in my healing. And despite that X-ray still existing in that chiropractor’s files, since that day I hav

e yet to experience a single Lumbar disc crisis [No harm in touching wood, though!]


If the picture that constantly fills your mind does not support your healing journey, CHANGE IT.


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