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WHAT’S YOUR CORE NEGATIVE BELIEF? (The one that sabotages all your endeavours)

I’m not worthy; I must be perfect; I’m unloved; I’m unsupported; everyone takes me for granted; I’m unlucky; I must shield my heart; the world is unsafe; I’m stupid; I’m ugly; I must please others; money is hard to come by; I’m not good enough; I need to be in/visible; no-one cares; I’m alone in the world, it’s dangerous to speak out, etc.


These Beliefs will have repercussions for every area of your life, including your relationships, finances and health. Despite your confident outward appearance, what deeply hidden prejudices are you holding about yourself?; about the world?; about your place in the social order? When did this Belief first enter your consciousness? Did an event - a trauma or drama - create it? Or was it programmed into you by someone else?


The secret to changing your life is changing your CNB:

1. Recognise that it exists, that it governs your everyday thoughts and all that you do.

2. Embrace it for what it is - a strategy that served a purpose at some point in your life: it helped to give you a sense of protection when you were vulnerable; it helped you to make sense of a confusing world; it kept you small or dampened your expectations so that you could survive or wouldn’t get disappointed.

3. Commit to finding a strategy to release this Belief and replace it with something more empowering.

🙏🏾 It can be done! 🙏🏾


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